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$45 Million For Almost Palm Beach Ocean-To-Lake New Build

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To own a Palm Beach estate that spans from the ocean to Lake Worth has always been... how shall we say... the shit for Palm Beach Society types. It puts you in a rare league of an old moneyed high society populated by todays versions of the Vanderbilts and the Astors.

But what of the future owners of this estate? Yes, it's a coveted ocean-to-laker on South Ocean Boulevard, with its own beach and its own lakeside dock. Yes, at $45 million it has a big huge price tag. Yes, it's of new construction (although an old Mizner or Fatio home would vastly preferable). And yes it has certain accoutrements like a tennis court and a 20 car garage. But alas it's a few towns south of Palm Beach. Ohhh, so close and yet so not officially Palm Beach Town.

Not being actual members of that world ourselves (yet) we at Curbed have a question for Palm Beach Society. Would owning this house be suitable for a member of your rarified ranks? Or is it just a no go? Do let us know in the comments.

· 800 South Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach County [StreetEasy]