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Buy This $35M Palm Beacher For Florida's 'Favorable' Taxes

Either whomever wrote this property listing is absolutely clueless, or they've really got to learn a few things about being discreet because nothing says "Hey let's audit this guy" like buying a really expensive house with a listing which features "Florida's favorable tax climate" more prominently than bedroom count or square footage. Fitting to the theme, the house even looks like it should be in a tropical tax haven with its island decor. But besides all that gauche money talk that (we imagine) would never leave the mouth of a true Palm Beach blue blood, the $35 million house has its advantages, including eight bedrooms, a fifty foot pool, gorgeous lake views, yacht dockage, and a location in the absolute center of town. You could walk to Worth Avenue, to the beach, to the Breakers, and to the Everglades Club! (if they let you in...)
· 445 Antigua Lane, Palm Beach [StreetEasy]