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Here's An Intricate Golden Girls Dollhouse, With Cheesecake

In the world of miniature versions of real world, or make believe places (Check out Hogwarts, the Gostbusters HQ, and the Chrysler building for hermit crabs), please welcome to the dance floor the stylish home of everyone's favorite feisty gals, Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia. Artist Alan, from EverydayMiniatures has created a detailed, 1:72 scale model version of the Golden Girls' Miami house at 6151 Richmond Street, an address which does not actually exist.

"After watching several thousand hours of the show" says Alan, he filled the model, which includes the front entry, living room, dining room, and bedroom hallway, with lots of details, "like Rose's (Betty White's) "R" Cups, teddy bear Fernando, and St. Olaf painting, plus Sophia's bamboo purse and Blanche's Citrus Festival Ball plate (glued back together)." Plus, there's even a little cheesecake. Do check out many more details of the house, after the jump.