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Posh & Becks Are Thinking About Buying The Versace Mansion

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With David Beckham planning to launch a US Soccer team, and Miami as a strong contending city for that team to call home, it's easy to take the latest bit of news that he and Victoria are shopping around for a house here as a sign that Beckham's plans must be developing absolutely swimmingly. The former soccer star and former Spice Girl are not just eyeballing any home, however. According to a confidential source that blabbed to NOWdaily Magazine, a gossipy U.K. celebrity rag, the Beckhams are very interested in non other than the palatial Ocean Drive mansion of Gianni Versace himself, Casa Casuarina. And things are moving fast! With the palazzo scheduled to be auctioned off September 17th, if the Beckhams decide on the house, they could own it in a month. According to the source, the Beckhams have so far been making 'hush hush inquiries.' The source continues:

'Posh would be in heaven. She's positively drooling at the prospect of living there. It'll be very much a second home for them because they intend to be based in the UK from now on. But if all goes well with David's football venture they'll spend a lot of time in Miami and want a spectacular house right by the water.' · Victoria and David Beckham May Buy Versace's Miami Beach Murder Mansion [Nowdaily]
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Casa Casuarina

1116 Ocean Drive, Miami, FL 33139