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Watch Bjarke Ingels Explain His Split Design For Marina Lofts

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A few weeks ago, while architectural heartthrob Bjarke Ingels was in town for his whirlwind tour of his South Florida building projects, he gave a lecture on the design of his upcoming Marina Lofts apartments for developer Asi Cymbal. In attendance at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art was a group of Fort Lauderdale architects, urban planners, and city bureaucrat types at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art who swooned at the sight of his effortlessly tossed jet black hair, the sparkle in his eye, and his mastery of a t-square. In the lecture he focuses on the water-orientation of the project, the integration of the marina, the relocation of the rain tree to a new park, the practical rationale for the 'split open' design, and the very civic public promenade which will be a crucial neighborhood linkage and the centerpiece of the project.

The fate of Marina Lofts, which has inspired both passionate support and vitriolic opposition from many neighbors, is set to be decided August 20th, when it goes before the Fort Lauderdale City Commission in what will likely be a hell of a show. If architecture as soap-opera drama entices you, don't miss this. Oh, and Bjarke will be there.
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Rain Tree

415 SW 4th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Marina Lofts

413 SW Third Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL