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Ugh, Bldg. Called 'North Bay Village' To Be In North Bay Village

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Developer ZOM is planning a boring 'luxury' apartment building supposedly "inspired by Art Deco and MiMo" according to the press release on a drop-dead killer peninsula site at 8000 West Drive in North Bay Village and calling it, so creatively, 'North Bay Village.' But wait, there's more. Then they send out a press release about the building, with no address mind you, but saying that this building called North Bay Village is in North Miami Beach. An entirely different city. Seriously. Curbed Miami hears wind of this and is all like "What the fuck?" and does a little research and realizes that it's actually in North Bay Village, and that all this confusion is the klutzy developers's fault. So, there you go. Welcome to North Bay Village, North Bay Village.
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