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New Dining Options At The COMO; Meet Batch Gastropub

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The latest dining dish from Eater Miami...

1) Miami Beach: The beach has two new culinary additions coming soon: The Traymore restaurant and The Met Bar, which will both open up at the upcoming Metropolitan by COMO. So far all that's known is that the new resto will be a fine dining, "Floridean seafood" spot. Stay tuned.

2) Brickell: Meet Batch Gastropub, a spot for cocktails, bitters, sodas and Global cuisine. Here's a photo collage of their bar coming to life.

3) Eater Maps: Vegetarians and vegans, we haven't forgotten about you. Here are our picks of the Best veggie and vegan dishes (15 of them). As for everyone else, you won't even notice there isn't meat in some of these, so dig in.

4) Miami Beach: If you haven't gotten a chance to visit Bar Crudo (we don't blame you; it just opened up yesterday), then take a look inside this way. Behind this new spot is Andy Travaglia, owner of Lee & Marie's Cakery (which is conveniently right next door).
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