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Developers Propose Vegas Style Schlock For Lincoln Road

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Set to go before the Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board (who, not doubt will just love how it completely upstages history with its eyecatching cheapness like a bra-less chick at a wet T-shirt contest) is this over-the-top retail building by architect Luis Revuelta for the eastern end of Lincoln Road, in a space that once housed the art deco Carib Theater. Hey, at least somebody wants to do something with the spot, which has been boarded up for 25 years, right? It's only in the absolute center of the action in South Beach. If the project gets approved by HP Board, and finds some flash-loving retail tenant (a touristy t-shirt shop perhaps?) to lease the space, it's projected to be open by the end of 2014. ExMiami's got the floor plans, and here's the leasing page, in case you wanna see that too.

UPDATE: Sorry, the historic preservation board already approved it. Maybe the renderings they saw were better than this.
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