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Peebles' Overtown Megaproject Will Connect To The Choo Choo

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Although everything pointed to a win for Don Peebles, In a wonderful kumbaya sort of moment, Peebles and All Aboard Florida, the two teams which were duking it out for the new Overtown megaproject, have come to an agreement to combine the best of both schemes, according to exMiami. Peebles' project will now mesh with the proposed All Aboard Florida railroad station being built a few blocks away (literally, and perhaps even metaphorically, if one looks at it through the lens of history) across the tracks from the Overtown site.
· BREAKING: All Aboard Florida Cuts Deal With Peebles Team On Overtown Land [exMiami]

Future Fec Downtown Miami Station

200 NW 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida