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Dwayne Wade's Former Vizcayne Penthouse Hits The Market

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Wade slept here. A penthouse formerly occupied by Miami Heat star player Dwayne Wade at downtown's Vizcayne has hit the market. The 4,178 square foot penthouse comes fully furnished, with an exercise room and expansive terraces and views. The problem is the photos available totally suck and the building's people aren't actually allowed to tell us which unit it is in the building, or how long Wade lived there. And, of course, there's no word on whether the furniture that it comes "fully furnished" with was Wade's or not. So if you've got an undisclosed amount of money lying around, hey, buy it, whatever.

P.S. Two other penthouses, identical to the Wade unit, but obviously not the Wade unit, have been listed as well.

UPDATE: Floorplans of the Wade penthouse (it's a triplex!) are after the jump.

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244 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida