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Barley Swine vs Barley & Swine; Bar Stache Coming Soon

The latest dining dish from Eater Miami...

1) Dadeland: Barley & Swine is currently being sued by Austin's popular Barley Swine restaurant. The Austin eatery wants to protect its namesake and avoid confusion. Here's the full scoop and what owner of Barley & Swine in Miami has to say about the whole situation.

2) Fort Lauderdale: A man named Mykel Stevens is bringing downtown Fort Lauderdale a new "craft cocktail" spot: Bar Stache. It'll have a "classic speakeasy" feel, complete with "prohibition-style drinks like whiskey-based manhattans" and, eventually, a menu of small plates. Cheers big ears.

3) Upper East Side: If you want to know how the recently opened Mina's Mediterreano is holding up before you head over for some Mediterranean, check out this round up of reviews. Mostly, people are really enjoying the authenticity and mom-cooked meals. Mom, by the way, is Sonia Kotb - she's the chef.
· Eater Miami [miami.eater]