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City Plans To Upzone Big Chunks Of Park West, Edgewater, "Wynwood Gateway"

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The City of Miami wants to upzone a chunk of Edgewater just north of the Omni for larger buildings, the intersection of NW 2nd Avenue and 29th Street in Wynwood—what they're calling "Wynwood Gateway"—to 150 units per acre, and basically all of Park West to a Manhattan-like density of 500 units per acre, according to city reports posted on exMiami. Each area is currently occupied by mostly empty lots or buildings a few stories high, except for the line of condo towers along Park West's eastern edge.

The plan will encourage development on long-empty lots just behind the row of condo towers at Margaret Pace Park, and of course allow the Miami Worldcenter and associated developments in Park West to be even more mammoth. It seems the theory with the "Wynwood Gateway" is that it will add a little density at the intersection of Wynwood's main street (NW 2nd Avenue) and the cross arterial of 29th street, but hey, who knows. That neighborhood could use some height. Even if these boundaries were drawn to make certain landowners even more rich (always a possibility), they still seem to make urban planning sense. Build, baby, build.

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