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'Anonymous' Reveals How Totally Full Of It Most Brokers Are

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The brokerbabble for this bland three bedroom unit at the Setai that was recently listed for a whopping $15 million stated, and we quote, "there are only five residences like this in all of South Beach". Immediately smelling a rat, we speculated as to why the broker would make such an obviously ridiculous claim. There were undoubtedly many nicer places available for purchase in South Beach. The claim could have hinged totally on a technicality, like being one of only five apartments currently available with the same brand of appliances in the kitchen, or something. And, as an 'anonymous' commenter points out, it does!

"Actually Sean, you're incorrect. There are only five units in the "09" line at the Setai, which is the 07/08 combination above the 34th floor. So in fact, there are only five units like this one in all of South Beach."

Ladies and gentlemen, the broker wins on a technicality. There are only five units identical to this apartment in all of South Beach, nay, in all the world! But saying "there are only five residences like this" and "there are only five units identical to this" is not, and we repeat, not the same thing, especially when it's being told to an innocent homebuyer with $15 million to spend and dreams of living the good life in South Beach. Who will finally take a stand against the dishonesty and misleading information that has prevailed in brokerbabble since the beginning of time? To shame! To shame!

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Setai Hotel

2001 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida