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Urban Hyatt Hotel Coming To Collins Ave. & 16th Street

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One of those rare old birds in South Beach, a small midcentury apartment building on Collins Avenue that looks just as it did when everything south of Lincoln Road was an unappreciated, crumbling dump yet to be discovered by the cool kids, is finally joining the ever-flashy South Beach of today. The Tropical Gardens Apartments is becoming a Hyatt, with a central sky-lit atrium, a rooftop pool, and a new eight story tower on top, all designed by Kobi Karp. This of course really means that they're just keeping portions of the old building's facade, scooping out everything else, and building away. The old building was pretty blah, and hey, finding room in South Beach for a new hotel is harder than trying to get across the gridlocked MacArthur Causeway on a Saturday night. That, dear friends, is a real achievement.