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The Lady Is A Vamp At Revamped NINE At Mary Brickell Village

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With new renderings and a new name, what was once EnV Brickell is now Nine at Mary Brickell Village. (Named as thus because it's on SW Ninth StreetUpdate! See below) Drawing conclusions from the renderings not much has changed architecturally, except that now the building will light up at night adding to Miami's already technicolor skyline. The interiors, however, have received the 'Nine' treatment, and are quite fancy, and the project is currently under construction. With 390 luxury units and rising 34 stories it may not be an architectural tour-de-force, but you will only be a quick elevator ride from Publix should you run out of milk.
—Dan Frost

UPDATE: Nine would like everyone to know that it is not named Nine because it is on SW Nineth Street, even though one side of the building is in fact facing that street, but because its actual address is in fact 999 SW 1st Ave. Three nines. Not one. The project's P.R. people were strangely emphatic that this is why it's called 'Nine.' We assume this is also the side of the building the front door is on. And, joining other projects with weird name capitalization situations (see: mybrickell) NINE is supposed to be in all caps, LIKE THIS! Ah ha!

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Mary Brickell Village

901 South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33130