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Comment of the day

"The question that needs to be asked is why with all of the Certified Arborists that live and work in South Florida, knowledgeable in trees and plants that are indigenous, native, to South Florida and in particular to the coastal ridge hammock of the Brickell Avenue area, why does Sarnoff, Spanioli and the City go out of State for David Gjertson, PLA, ASLA, a Landscape Architect working and residing in the Atlanta area, along with Peter Keenan, a Certified Arborist since 2006, who works in the Sarasota area? Sarnoff and Spanioli are basing their entire argument for this tree massacre on their report. As the above anon posted, there seems to be many questions as to the veracity of their report. The City needs to stop all work and bring in an INDEPENDENT panel of landscape architects and arborists to review the plan that has been foisted upon the community in the dead of the summer."-anon. [75 Mature Brickell Ave. Trees Wood Chipper Bound]