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Retail Space With "Wynwood Aesthetic" Announced

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A new block of retail/restaurant space was officially announced in Wynwood today, rather creatively named Wynwood Block. The new owners, Wynwood Management, bought the building for $6.3 million and plan to put $1 million into renovations to make the building more pedestrian friendly and dividing out 28 units which are expected to lease for $35-$40 per sq ft.

Gaston Miculitzki, who will be curating the tenants ("curating"= handling the leases and marketing) has a preference for local businesses over national chains, which is good news for Wynwood's artsy cool factor. With three tenants already signed up and 30 letters of interest from others things are quickly moving along to the slated January 2014 opening.-Dan Frost

· Wynwood Block: New Retail Space in Wynwood, But No Starbucks (Yet) [New Times]