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Another New (Even Bigger) Brickell CityCentre Tower Announced

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It's Swire's party and they can't stop and they won't stop—adding to Brickell CityCentre. Today the company has announced it's plans for the 1.5 acre site at 700 Brickell Avenue (former home of Northern Trust Bank and Miami Today) which it acquired for $64 Million in July; and it's biiiiig.

The 80-story tower named One Brickell CityCentre would be the tallest in the project which is currently under construction. Along with the rest of the project the tower is designed by Arquitectonica and would house more Class-A office space, more condominiums, more retail space, and another hotel. It would also be the project's grand entrée to Brickell Avenue. In the press release Swire says that the company "intends to work with the City of Miami to have One Brickell CityCentre approved as an extension of the existing Special Area Plan." Translation: they don't want to go through the bother of another approvals process and are hoping the city caters to them considering the vastness of the project. Whatever works.-Dan Frost
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Brickell Citycentre

700 S. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL

Former Miami Today Offices

710 Brickell Avenue, Miami, Florida