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Trolleygate's New "Smoking Gun"; Cabbies Call For Big Reform

· Mermaid talks about life performing underwater at the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale's Wreck Bar [Huffington Post]
· A long time ago Kendall Drive was 'the road to nowhere" []
· A Coconut Grove incinerator may be long gone, but its chemical pollution still lingers under a park, and it made the NY Times [New York Times]
· It appears that the West Grove trolley garage, although it's already built, may actually be illegal [Grove Grapevine]
· Photos of Miami Beach's Raleigh Hotel in the 1940s [Miami Archive]
· Another installment of Old School Sundays: old gas stations, Hialeah town proclamation, the Bimini SuperFast of 1922, and the Hialeah Dog Track []
· Walking and bicycle tours of Coconut Grove are beginning in October [Grove Grapevine]
· More on the "smoking gun" of West Grove Trolleygate, and it very possibly being illegal and all [Not Now Silly]
· Miami's toxic parks ignored by city leaders for years [Huffington Post]
· Hotel Review: James Royal Palm in Miami Beach [New York Times]
· Broward's median home prices have climbed 26% in a year [Sun Sentinel]
· How are cities connected to the plight of Florida's endangered species? [Huffpo]
· Arts thrive in South Miami Dade [WLRN]
· Taxi drivers say industry reform needs to be far more sweeping than just adding credit card machines to cars. [Miami New Times]
· Sun Life Stadium is getting wifi. [Huffpo]
· How hailing a cab in Miami Dade might be about to change [WLRN]
· A bunch of guys in Hialeah are just one of four or more groups building a 'Noah's Ark' somewhere in the world right now. [WLRN]
· In Edgewater, Melo Group's Bay House is halfway sold out in three months. [Globe St.]
· A breakfast panel will look at the state of the Miami hospitality market [ULI]
· Sustainable design points of the Perez Art Museum Miami [Ocean Drive]