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Alicia Cervera Names Edgewater's 'Good Side' East Edgewater

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Here's a new name for the section of Edgewater between Biscayne Boulevard and the bay, invented by Alicia Cervera: East Edgewater. It's short, it's sweet, it's not as presumptuous as 'Edgewater East' would be (full disclosure: the first version of this post incorrectly called it that) and it's not something nauseating like SoWyn. One of the first new projects to embrace the name in its marketing is Biscayne Beach, a Cervera baby. Sure East Edgewater is a new neighborhood name to add that wee bit of real estate marketing snobbery wizardry that drives up prices, but it's also just a geographic alteration of the broader neighborhood's much older name, Edgewater. And that's fine.

On the other hand for as long as money, wealth, conspicuous consumption, and real estate envy have existed, people have been finding ways to point out that their neighborhood, or their corner of their neighborhood, is better than other 'lesser' environs of said neighborhood. Location, location, location. So, you've got East Edgewater. It's near the bay, it's farther away from some still-somewhat-sketchy neighborhoods, it's got bigger buildings, it's somewhat flashier, and it's more expensive than the "other" side Edgewater. By default, does this now create a West Edgewater?
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