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The Setai's Getting A Quick Nip & Tuck Before Tourist Season

Kim Kardashian's favorite Miami Beach hotel, the Setai, is having a little work done before tourist season starts picking up in the coming months. Nothing major. The grand hotel with its historic art deco building, contemporary rear tower, gorgeous dark woods, dim moody lighting, and asian-esque modern decor plans on aging with dignity at the moment, thankyouverymuch, and not getting any radical "restorative" work done like some other hotels of a certain age which—ahem!—we'd rather not mention. So, what's on the list? Spanish glass tile mosaics made from recycled windshields surrounding the three pools, a Pool & Beach Bar that will "sparkle like new", and a lot of back-of-house upgrades to streamline the hotel's operations and functionality, etc.
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Setai Hotel

2001 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida