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Unbuilt SoBe Park/500/600 Alton Project Put Up For Sale

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The project variously known as Sobe Park, 500 Alton, 600 Alton, and The Wave will now be known as that empty pit of dirt at the entrance to Miami Beach that's now on the market. Price: unlisted. Even though construction appeared to have already started, the logical (though completely speculative) cause of this change of heart by developer Crescent Heights, is that they were so exhausted by the hoops they had to jump through to build the rather underwhelming, but also kinda nice, mega project that they just threw in the towel and said "screw this". First the NIMBYs hated it. We weren't huge fans either. Then once Crescent Heights capitulated to them and had the whole thing watered down redesigned, the architects and design aficionados hated it. We had mixed feelings. And now Crescent Heights has peaced out. Blah!
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Sobe Park

500 Alton Road, Miami Beach, Florida