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Convention Center Aiming For 2015 Start Despite Total Jerk Commissioner Jonah Wolfson

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To make up for the delay of the Miami Beach Convention Center redevelopment vote, a project with broad popular support, Miami Beach officials are trying to speed up the process of building the Rem Koolhaas-designed project in other ways so as to begin construction on the $1 billion project by 2015. Meanwhile, Commissioner Jonah Wolfson is continuing his (one man?) fight to sink the whole damned convention center ship.

That's just the beginning of the bizarro world of Wolfson. He tried to block the historic designation of 42 Star Island, and is against efforts to historically designate single family homes (or anything) on the Beach. And in the last month alone he has mocked Mayor Matti Bower's high pitched voice during a long commission meeting, threatened to throw himself off the third floor of city hall twice, and yelled "asshole" at a Miami Beach Mayoral candidate during an election debate. Unfortunately for the general sanity of Miami Beach politics, Wolfson himself won't be up for reelection until 2015. We checked.
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Miami Beach Convention Center

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