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Wild Art Deco Berkeley Shore Hotel Sold, Will Get Total Redo

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The crazy Berkeley Shore Hotel, which was on the market for $13 something million a while back, has sold "close to asking price" according to the broker, to "an Argentine Hotel Investment group, with hotels on Miami Beach and across Florida". The sale has not been recorded on the Miami-Dade Property Appraiser's website yet.

The historic hotel, which was designed by great Miami Beach architect Albert Anis, but is particularly distinctive by what nutty subsequent owners have done with the place, including a wild paint scheme, and the tiled from porch, will be getting a "total renovation." Okay, the hotel could REALLY use a good sprucing up, but this could mean the total loss of the Alice-in-wonderland effect of the place. And considering how much work they're planning, that would not be surprising:

Plans for the renovation include the addition of 33 more rooms, a pool facing the historic Collins Avenue and in keeping with the increasingly popular greenification trend, a rooftop garden will be added as well. Ancillary parking will be added underground with an elevator which will move cars down into the parking are as well.
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Berkeley Shore Hotel

1610 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida