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"I lived in these great Art Deco buildings that covered a block along 1st Avenue. Wood floors, tall ceilings, ample spaces, huge windows, open halls and interesting architectural details and all the great components of a true Art Deco Building? The last Art Deco apartment building in downtown Miami and Brickell is going down. What was interesting is that the whole block had buildings that represented different moments of XXth century architecture in Miami. If this was not a third world mentality city, this section could have become the Brickell historic district, but we keep filling Brickell with high rise buildings, most of them with no architectural value and many of them still half empty, to be sold on speculative grounds to nouveau riche foreign capitals, with no sense of the city historical and cultural values. It's a shame?, no wonder we constantly rank the lists among most corrupt, poorest, most miserable and with no cultural community cities in America. The balance between historic preservation and new developments is what makes great city neighborhoods and not a city of community archipelagos like the one we are building. If the Freedom Tower went through the risk of almost being reduced to a minimum some years ago, what luck could we expect from the great Art Deco Ambassador buildings at Brickell?"-anon [Cute Brickell Apartment Being Replaced By Taller Tower]