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Check Out These Fascinating Maps Of Miami's Racial Mixup

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South Florida is known the world over for its Latin influences, but our strange megalopolis in the sun is a wide melange of cultures and races. The Weldon Cooper Center For Public Service at the University Of Virginia has mapped the entire United States according 2010 U.S. census data on race, creating a massive map with one dot per person. (that's 308 million dots) Although the map has certain limitations, like its reliance on census data tracks (approximately one city block in size) instead of finer grained information like zoning, land uses, and property lines, it's still a mindblowing look at the racial mixup of our country, and more specifically South Florida, today.

The map is color coded. Orange dots are hispanic people. Green dots are black people. Blue dots are white people. Red dots are asian people. Brown dots are other groups.

· The Racial Dot Map [Weldon Cooper]