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Mystery Construction Spotted At South Beacher The Claremont

It looks like the Claremont on Collins Avenue and 17th Street may be, like the Tropical Gardens and the Kaskades, emerging from its crusty and dusty old 'old South Beach' stagnation and succumbing to the powers of present day glamazonia South Beach. Construction stuff as well as a temporary chain link fence with green construction screening has appeared and, well, something's happening but a little snooping around has yet to figure out what. Could it be a Menin Hotels venture? Maybe. They do own plenty of property nearby. But then again so does sbe Entertainment Group. But Menin has a thing for rehabbing cool old buildings in that particular nabe, specifically west of Collins Avenue/north of Lincoln Road, or James Avenue-adjacent... an area sbe wouldn't be caught dead in. Oh, wait, sbe is managing the Redbury.

If you know what's up at the Claremont, please do let us know.