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25 Photos Of UM's Brand Spankin' New Student Activities Center By Arquitectonica

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[Photos by Silvia Ros]

The University of Miami's huge new Student Activities Center opened last month for the fall semester, replacing the div bar-esque student pub, the Rathskeller, with a fancy new one, along with a retinue of other amenities, and Curbed Miami photographer Silvia Ros went over to take a look. The 119,000 square foot building was designed by Arquitectonica and contains a 10,000 square foot ballroom, student organization offices, a couple of 'dining options,' a Starbucks, an atrium, some sort of lakefront retail situation, five meeting rooms, and offices for the school newspaper and yearbook.
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University Of Miami

5501 San Amaro Dr., Coral Gables, Florida 33146