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Checking Out Lots O' New Lincoln Road Retail Construction

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[Photos by Sean McCaughan]

Like, a year ago, the interwebs were all aflutter about the epic amounts of new retail and construction hitting Lincoln Road that commanded shockingly high rental prices. There was a big ol' Miami Herald story. Just before that, we made a map! Since then, along with a whole boatload of new announcements, construction has continued quite furiously on a few entirely new buildings on Lincoln Road, and just off of it to the north.

Before the Lincoln Lane North project stalled (temporarily, fingers crossed), two new projects sprouted up on neighboring lots, a restaurant called Yard House and a three story Arquitectonica-designed pile o' stores with a restaurant on top called the 1000 Building, by developer Scott Robins. Both, by now, look to be almost done. Will they be ready when high season/Art Basel mania hits the town this year? And will they succeed in luring pedestrians off Lincoln Road's main drag, contributing to the creation of an actual pedestrian district and not... ya know... just a pedestrianized road. Yard House is in eye sight of Lincoln, thus not isolating it too much from the pedestrian action until Lincoln Lane North gets its groove back. 1000 Lincoln, completely a block north and on 17th street, is, apparently, doing its own thing.

What won't be ready for Basel (and probably aims for a somewhat different demographic anyways) is the new two story Gap Store on Lincoln Road by Touzet Studio. The project is, so far, a pile of twigs roughly in the shape of a building, while Gap operates out of its temporary space a few blocks away.
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Gap Lincoln Road

1001 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL

Lincoln Lane North Project

1100 17th Street, Miami Beach, Florida