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The Fontainebleau To Be 100% Soffer Fam Owned Yet Again

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While the guys that sang the hit song of the summer, Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams, partied it up at the Fontainebleau the other day, ensconced in one of the hotel's many meeting rooms the fate of the hotel itself was being probably being negotiated. The Soffer Family of Miami, which had sold a 50% stake of the legendary Fontainebleau Hotel to Dubai World, is buying it back from that troubled company which is unloading its big non-Dubai assets while the emirate continues to founder in the financial mess it made for itself. Apparently the Dubai of the U.S. (one of Miami's many nicknames) is doing way better than the Dubai of... Dubai. The Fontainebleau will once again be one hundred percent Soffer Family/Turnberry owned, but more importantly, one hundred percent locally owned. Like it should be. After all, it is the Fontainebleau.
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Fontainebleau Hotel

4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140