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Suicide, Exorcism, Olivia Newton-John All Too Much Drama For House-Hunting Rosie O'Donnell

Having sold her old Star Island house/Ganja Church HQ for $4 million more than everyone thought, Rosie O'Donnell thought she had settled on Grease star Olivia Newton John's Jupiter house, which Rosie intended to replace with something bigger. The whole thing's off, however, following a suicide by a contractor at the property as well as an exorcism-like cleansing ritual performed by Newton-John and a Catholic priest in a last ditch effort to sell it, because according to Rosie's People "It just didn't feel right". Translation: Rosie's sick and tired of buying Florida houses with baggage and/or freaky pasts. Girl just wants to live somewhere normal for once.
· Despite Exorcism, Rosie O'Donnell Won't Buy Olivia Newton-John's House [Gossip Extra]