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UPDATE: 75 Mature Brickell Ave. Trees Wood Chipper Bound

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A Curbed reader writes in to ask:

Saw these slgns go up on the median trees on the south end of Brickell Avenue this week, and several mature trees have already been removed. What's going on? Why are they ripping out these nice old trees? It's a 4-5 block stretch from 15th to 19th street, near the entrance to Key Biscayne. Someone has posted signs all over the trees, but with no further info on what's going on.Obviously this is bad news for the trees, for dog walkers, for joggers, for bicycle riders, for people who like shade, for the beauty of Brickell and Miami, and for Mother Nature. If you know what's happening with the trees, please do let us know. We'll update this post as the situation develops. UPDATE: The city says the trees are, supposedly, "in poor health or two close together".

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