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Comment of the day

"Well, now that there is a little more information about the building maybe we can have a good debate about preservation, local architecture and how to make to Grove better. So first of all, we now know who designed the Chart House, Joe Lancor. Secondly when was it built? It was built in 1982. According to the Miami Dade property appraiser site Now about the style. It's being called organic modernism which is really Organic Architecture as defined by Frank Lloyd Wright who was its main innovator and practitioner. He matured this style in the 1920's and 1930's. After him there were other who followed his style who were mainly former apprentices. Unfortunately there were none in Florida. Alfred Parker Browning was a friend of Wright but differed in style. Therefore this is not from a distinctive part of Grove history because it was built too late and not by a local architect...(continued)"-archiguy [Should Coconut Groves Organic Mod Chart House Be Saved?]

Chart House

5700 Southwest Terwilliger Boulevard, , OR 97239 Visit Website