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Vizcaya Demolishing Science Museum, Restoring Historic Farm

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Now that the Miami Science Museum is moving to a brand spanking new building in Museum Park, and Vizcaya Museum And Gardens is taking control of the museum property, historically a part of James Deering's Vizcaya estate, they plan to demolish the old, rather hideous, science museum, and return the land to something much closer to its original use: a farm and green space. The Coconut Grove Grapevine published a letter today from historian Arva Moore Parks, who has been involved in the process, and in the letter writes excitedly about the future of the property:

Says Arva:
Vizcaya 's leadership is in the process of updating plans for transforming the Village, including the Science Museum site, into a vital civic space that relates to Vizcaya and serves the needs of our community. An important part of any plan for the Village is the restoration of a green space which once served as James Deering's farm. It would relate to Vizcaya and South Florida history, provide hands-on gardening and farming opportunities for our community, and better connect Vizcaya with various countywide open-space, pedestrian and bicycle initiatives. · The Farm Village And Villa And Gardens [Grove Grapevine]
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