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Art Deco Weekend To Emphasize 1930s' Playful Side; Port of Miami Tunnel To Open In May

OCEAN DRIVE— Yes, the unemployed masses of the 1930s waited in bread lines and darned a lot of socks, but Miami Beach's economy was strong enough that they were able to build all these fabulous art deco hotels. Oh, and the kiddies had a full slate of new games, toys and cartoon idols that emerged in the decade, including Lego, Monopoly, Scrabble, Superman and Mickey Mouse, providing the inspiration for the theme of this year's Art Deco Weekend, which is next Friday the 17th, to Sunday the 19th. [CurbedWire Inbox]

PORTMIAMI—Miami will get its first big ass tunnel (our baby city is all grown up!) when the Port Tunnel, which runs 120 feet below sea level, opens in May. The tunnel will connect Watson Island to Dodge Island with eastbound and westbound "tubes," both of which will have two lanes of traffic. We ventured down into those tubes when they were still full of muck and lived to tell the tale. [The 305]