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Is This Aventura's First Mixed Use Development?

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Aventura, that Le Corbusian-esque city of condo towers surrounded by leafy highways and malls, is getting a big mixed use project (its first mixed-use project?), according to exMiami. Located on Waterways Boulevard a few blocks north of Aventura Mall, ParkSquare Aventura appears to be on the last undeveloped piece of land in the center of the city. Integra Investments purchased the parcel for $21 million last year and has re-worked a previous design by Arquitectonica which failed to materialize. (UPDATE: We checked with the architects, and the new design is actually by Zyscovich. Apologies for the error)

The 7.37-acre, four-block complex, hidden from Biscayne Boulevard behind a strip mall, now includes a smorgasbord of uses: nearly 35,000 S.F. of "specialty" retail, 20,000 S.F. of "quality" restaurant, 150,000 S.F. of office space, 230 hotel rooms, 145 residential units, and a 199-bed assisted living facility.

The rather compact, mid-rise development is a new thing for the City of Aventura, where the strip mall typology is so commonly found. A shady, interior boulevard connects ground floor retail in four of the five new buildings, while several smaller green areas provide much-needed public gathering space for new and surrounding residents. The architectural aesthetic is also atypical for Aventura: clean and contemporary, with various rectangular framing elements and a series of rooftop gardens linking the design together. Yes, there are other glassy buildings around town, but stucco is a bit more common, and where does one usually see a "green"-ish roof in Aventura except at parking-pedastal-topping amenity decks? Once completed, ParkSquare would become a hub of of pedestrian activity in "downtown" Aventura, significantly altering the future of the city's urban landscape.That is if anyone can find it, hidden behind a strip mall.—Margina Demmer
· Proposed Aventura project set to include hotel, retail, & office space [exMiami]