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Higher Dimensions

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The Miami River Commission has given its blessing to the Edge, a 55-story supermodel-thin slab of a building on a .34 acre sliver of land known as Big Fish, recommending the condo project be approved by the Urban Development Review Board after the developer agreed to some design concessions. The "owner," architect Rafael Aragonés, who works for the architecture firm of bien famoso Mexican minimalist Miguel Ángel Aragonés, pledged to build it as close to the Miami Avenue bridge as possible, to impede just the narrowest of views, and to construct a 24-7 river walk. The article in Miami Today on the project (linked, above) does not say whether Rafael Aragonés is the design architect or if he's related to Miguel Ángel Aragonés, but Luis Revuelta previously clarified for us that while his name is associated with the project, he is merely the production architect of record, not the design architect, a fact that should placate some of the Edge's early critics. [Miami Today; Previously]