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The Idea Behind NaiYaRa; Sweetwater Beer Gardens is Staying

The latest dining dish from Eater Miami...

1) Sunset Harbour: Oishi Thai owner/chef Bee is opening up a new restaurant called NaiYara, a Thai fusion restaurant, which will be, according to Chef Bee, unlike anything Miami's seen before. We chatted with Bee to get the full scoop.

2) Miami Beach: It probably doesn't come as a surprise that Michael Mina's latest, Michael Mina 74, is already the talk of the town. His new restaurant at the Fontainebleau was recently given three-and-a-half stars from Miami Herald food critic Victoria Pesce Elliot.

3) South Beach: Think Hospitality Group, the team responsible for the new South Beach Hotel, has decided to keep their Sweetwater Beer Garden pop-up. Formerly a temporary establishment at the Ansonia Hotel, the bar is set to debut permanently at South Beach Hotel in March.
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