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Hear Ye, Hear Ye: 1910 Cottage Lists For $1.55 Million

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A Coconut Grove cottage that dates back to Miami's early days, just after the opening of the Royal Palm Hotel but before the insane throngs got here in the 1920s, is on the market for $1.55 million. Despite what appears to be a pretty thorough interior rehab in the 1980s, the cottage exudes early 20th-century charm with its wraparound veranda, lush gardens, coral rock fireplace and original wood floors.

The place has a screened in porch, and plumbing was installed in the 1930s. There's even a waterfall, the sound of which accompanies "Biscayne Bay's balmy breezes waft[ing] through the air," according to the brokerbabble. We're guessing that the water feature was added in the 80s, although it wouldn't have been entirely out of place back then. (Vizcaya, just up the road, was loaded with them) The coral rock fireplace appears to be original, which is fairly mind-boggling considering how impossibly hot the Grove was prior to the advent of air-conditioning, but then again this could likely have been just a winter home, in which case they would have used that thing ever so occasionally. (on days like today, for example) And it's not like this is the Everglades.

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