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NINE Claims They Are Not Going Partially Rental, Apparently

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In response to our post about a salacious rumor that NINE at Mary Brickell Village might go partially rental due to lagging sales, Curbed Miami received an email from their peeps saying that they are 50% sold, although they are only requiring 30% deposits while most other buildings require 50%. Oh, and the building recently topped off, which is nice. However, until being prodded by yours truly in a reply, NINE didn't actually deny that they might be thinking about going partiality rental. They only implied it. Curbed pointed this out, and the reply was "[we are] NOT holding any units for rentals nor plan on it." Still, with units planned for delivery in August as far as we know, they've got a lot of selling left to do, unless they change their minds, which they totally could be thinking about. Still.
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Mary Brickell Village

901 South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33130