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Exploring The New Miami Center For Architecture And Design

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The American Institute of Architects' brand new Miami Center for Architecture And Design in Downtown Miami opened (although it wasn't quite finished) in early December for Art Basel with its first exhibition, a collection of hand drawings related to Miami's architectural pedigree. The building that the center is in, however, is not brand new at all. The MCAD, as it is called, is located in the very historic, Old U.S. Post Office, the "grandest old Miami building that no one knows about" as Andres Viglucci, the Miami Herald's urban affairs reporter puts it.

Although the space was close to being ready when it opened, since Basel the AIA has been tying up odds-and-ends, finally fully moving in, arranging to get a particularly unsightly sprinkler removed from the space's monolithic steel plate staircase, and apparently having an absolute nightmare getting the internet to work. But alas, they are finally in, the center is open to the public five days a week, and the AIA will soon be offering a full roster of programming within the new space.

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