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Yep, This Was Brickell And Downtown Miami Ten Years Ago

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Holy condo! This is a panorama of central Brickell and Downtown Miami taken in the summer of 2003 from the 10th floor of the Brickell Key Condominiums, stitched together from 9 photos by Flickr member jbremer57. Yep, this was Miami a mere ten years ago, one and a half condo booms ago. Check out the full panorama after the jump, or head over to Flickr for an even larger version. Dare we say Miami ten years ago has a skyline as dismal as a third or, dare we say, fourth tier U.S. city. If not for a few of the taller towers (the Miami Tower comes to mind) it could be Jacksonville or, shudder, Tampa. Quelle horreur! Now, it looks little to nothing like this. The contrast between what's in this picture and what Miami looks like today is astounding.

UPDATE: Check out the current-day view, after the jump.

We're looking for a panorama of the same view today, taken from as close to the same vantage point as possible. If you live or work on Brickell Key, or maybe you have a friend who lives in this building, or have access to it in some way, we would be thrilled if you'd whip your phone out, put it in pano and send us a shot of what this view looks like today. Just send it over to We'll add your panorama to this post, with our thanks.

· Miami Panorama from Brickell Key [Flickr]