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Downtown's Whole Foods Tower Is Going Up

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Downtown Miami's first Whole Foods, with its accompanying skyscraper, is well under way, with construction well above the level of the store and approaching the top of the tower's parking pedestal. The tower has been dubbed the 'Whole Foods Tower' by Curbed Miami but is actually known as Met 3. (part of the Metropolitan Miami megaproject started in the last boom, but finally, finally getting finished in this one)

What these two photos show, taken from near the base of the Brickell Avenue bridge, is actually the rear of the building which, due to heavy automotive traffic flow to a fro the bridge, will ironically be the more visible side. (see a rendering, here) This leaves the quieter SE 3rd Avenue for pedestrians. The 41 story tower topping the parking decks had originally been canceled, but is now back on.

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