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New Wynwood Lofts Aim To Be A 'Public Canvas'

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In the fledgling Wynwood residential market, a new 36,000 square foot mixed use building designed by architects D-FORM-A called 250 Wynwood will be carved into 11 "generous" live/work units over six floors, including two penthouses, one with a crazy massive rooftop garden, in "interlocking finger schematics." Two retail spaces will occupy the ground floor. The building itself was "conceived as a public canvas," D-Form-A says on its website, and renderings suggest the undersides of the building's eyebrows will bare the obligatory Wynwood murals. Public art installations curated by Spinello Projects on the exterior of the site will be changed every three years. The location is down the block from hipster dives Panther coffee and the Wynwood Walls, which (for some people) could be everything you'd need all wrapped up in one city block.

UPDATE: Unfortunately we had to remove older, process renderings because they contained unlicensed art.

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