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Mapping Extell Projects; Anthony Bourdain's New Apartment

The latest NY real estate news from Curbed NY...

1) Manhattan: The Extell Development Company is one of New York City's most prolific and controversial developers, and they have a lot of projects in the works throughout Manhattan, including the record breaking One57 (where foreign buyers are shelling out over $80 million each for penthouses) and another luxury tower that is set to become one of the tallest residential buildings in North America. Here is a map of everything they've currently got going.

2) Upper East Side: Anthony Bourdain has dropped $3.35 million on an East 94th Street condo. The apartment has three beds and three baths but, surprisingly, the kitchen doesn't seem to be all that exciting.

3) Midtown East: The political tides turned suddenly and former mayor Michael Bloomberg's legacy-cementing Midtown East Rezoning was squashed just before he left office. The Rezone's supporters are still angry, of course, and one is pointing to all the big name tenants—Facebook, Google, Twitter—that the area is losing out on as evidence that City Council messed up.

4) Boerum Hill: Jay-Z's former apartment in 560 State Street (the one he shouted out in "Empire State of Mind") is on the market for $870,000. Although other news outlets have previously identified the apartment next door as the one where Jay resided in the late '90s, Hova himself has said it was this one, and he would probably know. Or he just forget. Either way Jay-Z thinks he lived in this apartment, and that's all that really matters.
· Curbed NY [ny.curbed]