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What's The Deal With Miami's Abandoned Train?

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An abandoned but intriguing set of obviously very old train cars on an unused railroad spur somewhere in Miami's industrial hinterlands occasionally pops up here or there online, as a mysterious fascination of Miami's urban explorers. Dying to know more, and finding shockingly little actual information besides 'ruin porn', we hunted around for a bit and tracked the train down to a location behind Miami International Airport and sent out Curbed Miami photog Silvia Ros to check it out.

The train's interiors are fantastically destroyed, but the lettering on the sides of the cars might be even more alluring. 'POTUS 1' and 'POTUS 2' are written on two of the passenger cars, and another close-walled car has 'Buffalo Bill's Wild West' in big, bold letters on the side. Does this train have some kind of a Presidential affiliation? Was it a circus train? Why was it just stuck here to rot and fascinate? What's the deal with Miami's abandoned train?

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