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Miami's Abandoned Train Was A Failed Restoration

Thanks Curbed Commenters! In yesterday's post on Miami's abandoned train, somebody pointed out that Abandoned Florida has documented the history of the train here and here. The train is a collection of railcars from random places that at one point were to be restored as the Dorothy Walker Bush Great Floridian train, some sort of memorial train named after the mother of one President Bush and the grandmother of another.

And that's not the only Presidential connection. Two of the cars, POTUS 1 and POTUS 2, historically traveled with the Presidential rail car, the Ferdinand Magellan. It was an Air Force 1 on rails. The other cars include a mail car from Buffalo Bill's Wild West, a segregation-era car (luggage compartments dividing white from colored sections) and a palace car that had at one point been converted into an ice cream parlor. They would all be hooked up to an historic Florida East Coast Railway locomotive. In the end, none of this ever happened.
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