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Michael Jordan Adding On To Already Huge Jupiter House

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Basketball earth god Michael Jordan has applied for a permit to build a 3,000 square foot addition on his newly-constructed 37,000-square-foot U.S.-Embassy-compound-in-third-world-country-like manse in Bear's Club, a golf community in Jupiter where fellow super-athlete Serena Williams just bought a plot of land. With or without the addition, which would connect the main house to a cottage on the 3-acre double lot, M.J.'s Palm Beach house is believed to be the biggest in South Florida, not that there isn't plenty of competition on the McMansion front. Still, it's substantially smaller than his 56,000-square-foot house outside Chicago. The former Bulls player and owner of the Charlotte Bobcats and his preggo wife, Yvette Prieto, should have plenty of room for their expected twin girls.
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