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Finally, DecoBike Peddling Into Miami In Mid-2014

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Despite having been approved a year ago, with an original idea to roll out kiosks and have everything up and running in about 8 months, DecoBike plans to finally launch in mainland Miami in the second quarter of 2014 according to Miami Today, about a year late. There's the bad news. And here's the good news: Miamians can expect to see the 70 bikeshare kiosks and 700 bikes popping up around town as DecoBike starts installation of the kiosk around town. That's 20 more kiosks and 200 more bikes than originally planned for Miami's initial rollout and almost as much as the number of kiosks and bikes (100, and 1000) currently on line in Miami Beach.

Here's the bad news again: Sure, it's fantastically successful on Miami Beach, but DecoBike is kind of expensive. An annual membership costs $55 more than New York's CitiBIkes, and twice as much as D.C.'s service, whatever it's called. DecoBike is able to charge so much because of tourists, who swamp Miami Beach. And good news: In Miami, it may have to lower fares to be successful, according to a bikeshare industry bigwig. Yay!
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