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Condo Tower Could Come to Lowrise MiMo Biscayne Blvd.

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Upper East Side residents along Biscayne in the MiMo Historic District are likely in for a BIG surprise with Vitrium Capital's slated development of a condominium at 6443 Biscayne, which appears to be back from its near death in the crash. The project is currently being somewhat quietly marketed to brokers. While the yet to be named project's 8-story height is tiny compared to that of most towers rising around Miami, it will be by far the Mimo District's tallest new development.

Many area residents are under the impression that 3 stories is the maximum for the whole District along Biscayne when in fact 8 stories are permitted from NE 65th to NE 60th Streets. Renderings show a somewhat bland but urbanistically appropriate building that rounds the corner with 8 stories on Biscayne stepping down to 4 stories on NE 64th Terrace and ground floor retail/restaurant space along Biscayne. Balconies will face the street and American Legion Park next door. The project will no doubt have some residents up in arms about the subject of height limits but if developed will give a much needed boost to the sleepy Saturday farmer's market next door and to the many nearby new businesses.—Donald Shockey

· 6443 Biscayne Boulevard [Century 21 Realty]
· 6443 Biscayne Boulevard [Vitrium Capital]